The things I want to be

by thefearoffallin

I want to be a unicorn. Because even though nobody has seen one of my kind, it doesn’t mean I don’t exist. Because like self worth, if you believe hard enough, you might find that i exist, and that you are more adequate than anybody else can tell you.

I want to be the barbie doll that has a beautiful smile plastered on no matter what. Because people like it when you’re happy and sometimes it’s just so hard to smile when you feel the vitality seeping out from beneath you.

I want to be a teak bench. Someone’s teak bench. One which they don’t hesitate to lie and rely on whenever they are down. One which never wears down when their tears pour like torrential rain nor gives way when emotional baggage is unloaded upon me.

I want to be a lighthouse. One that stands tall even when waves of sadness crash upon me or biting gushes of words blow upon me. I wish to be the one that guides people through darkness towards shore –  a place of comfort and warmth. I want to be a signal of hope to those searching in the darkness, through the tumulous storms. 

Maybe all I want to be, is to be comfortable in my own skin. Not wanting. Just believing that I can be the best of what I will be.