by thefearoffallin

Viv, you are human, like anyone else; don’t settle for a placeholder mark on another person’s heart, much less your own.

I have found that loneliness is something inevitable that I yet dare to embrace.


Because as much as hugs bring about laughter and smiles, sometimes they break down your walls and unleash sadness that you tucked away for another day.

I have long mistaken loneliness for a permanent state – feeling alone now does not mean you will forever, and as much of a negative connotation loneliness has, it is sometimes the best thing when thoughts cloud your mind and

your heart races

too fast for you

to breathe.


When your heart is too rational for you to take the plunge, remember that your family is your safety harness. And no matter that your mind worries too much to be still; your family will always be your anchor.